Gulomova Kumush
Gulomova Kumushoy is the goalkeeper of the team. She was born on November 6, 1999 in the Khojaabad district of Andijan region. Previously, football was a hobby for Kumusha, but over time her love for football grew up. A few years later, Kumushoy set a goal to play for the Andijan women's football club "Andijan". She was invited to play for ANDIJAN and was accepted into this team. Football has completely changed her life, her self-confidence, determination, attitude to life have changed for the better. No one objected to her choice, and her decision was supported by all her relatives. During her career, Kumushoy won: 2015-Bronze medalist. (Andijan) Kumushoy started playing in the Jizzakh team "Sogdiana-W"in 2021. In addition to football, Kumushoy likes to listen to music and sing.
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