Nazarqulova Maxliyo
Makhlie Nazarkulova - midfielder of the team, was born on November 19, 2000 in Zaaminsky district of Jizzakh region. Previously, football was like a hobby for Mahlie, but over time, this love became bigger. A few years later, Mahliye learned about the organization of women's football in Zamin and decided to test herself. She was invited to train in the women's team "Zamin". Football has completely changed her life, changed her self-confidence and her goals. No one objected to her decision. During her career, Mahliye won: 2012-silver medal (Women's team Zamin) 2013-bronze medal (Women's team Zamin) Makhlie started working in 2014 in the Sevinch team of Kashkadarya region. In 2015 and in 2016, she played in the team "Mashal" of Kashkadarya region. In 2017, Mahliye returned to the Sevinch team of Kashkadarya region. Mahliye started the work of Sogdiana-W in 2018. In 2018, Sogdiena-W reached the final of the Uzbek Premier League Cup. In the final, they played against the 12-time champion of Uzbekistan "Sevinch". It was huge honor for them to play in the final. The girls were not disappointed, they said that playing in the final is a great achievement for the newly formed team and a great experience for them. In 2019, Mahliye started working in the team "Locomotive-W" In 2020, Mahliye played in the team «Andijan-W" In 2021, Mahliye joined «Sogdiana-W» again.
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